5 Years...

This year marks my fifth year since moving to Napa Valley. Crazy how much time has gone by and how much time has changed. The thing that struck me today is realizing how happy I am with who I have become over this time. In particular, I am pleased with the recent self discovery that I am a "get shit done" girl. I have always had this personality trait, but over the last few years I have noticed it becoming even more honed in.
Last year I was working operations on an event, one that I came in late to help on and it was a complete mess. As the event began and guests were arriving, one of the women with the company I was working with floated towards me and my ops crew and quietly mentioned how it was getting colder outside, and if only she could close her eyes and the heaters would magically appear and light themselves, how lovely that would be. At that moment, I realized I am part of the group of people who work behind the scenes to make things like that happen. By this time I was already changed into my formal evening dress, but decided to gather some help and go lift a 150lb heater for this woman. Who else was going to do it?
I took pride in being the type of person who jumps in when someone else magically wishes something would get done. And I also realized I have been surrounding myself with these like minded individuals, women in particular. These ladies, along with myself, are not afraid to lift things that are way too heavy, argue with maintenance men and/or volunteers, grab security guards to assist in busting troublemakers, live in a van for a week, sacrifice showers, stay up all night building out an event, schlep garbage, get way too dirty in general, and in the end, take a wet wipe bath, apply some lip gloss and smile like their backs aren't aching and on fire. I love these women and I am proud to be one of them. We make shit happen, whether you see us or not. We are there, not in the limelight, but in the shadows, always keeping an ear to the ground and an eye on the priorities.
Being 7 weeks out from another crazy event, I am grateful to have these women by my side, and I hope I can be as valuable to them as they are to me.

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